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If ping is a wand , what spell you will cast only depends on you.

     Ping is the favorite tool of network administrators for testing such things as connectivity, discovery, response time and so on over networks. Sadly, there's a sarcasm about being a hacker which is  "ping a server" then "I'm a Hacker !" I was always hoping people not to think less about every tool which is useful in its own way. What I wanna point out is ping is a wand so you should cast your spell well or wand would be just rod.  So let's assume ping travels with the speed of light of course in glass. The speed of light is  299,792 km/s which is  299,792 km/ 1000 ms in vacuum. In glass it's slower; about 200,000 km/1000 ms  (Fiber optics refractive index of 1.5).  So we can say;              1 km/0.005 ms              10 km/0.05 ms          100 km/0.5 ms        1000 km/5 ms     10000 km/50 ms   100000 km/500ms The distance between Yangon and Bangkok is 569.64 km . For light to travel from Yangon to Bangkok and back from Bangkok to Yangon would

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